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5Dudás Borászat  —

5Dudás Borászat

Wine tasting and sunset party

2000 Ft

Dive into a world where each sip tells a story at the enchanting 5 Dudas Winery in Gyöngyös. Join us on June 22nd, from 1 PM for a Wine Tasting Experience. This exclusive event features a handpicked selection of 8 exquisite wines, perfectly paired with gourmet snacks. Beyond tasting, immerse yourself in a guided exploration of the winery and its cellars, uncovering the meticulous craft of winemaking.

From 5 PM on, a live DJ party will start on the terrace. Enjoy the sunset, the drinks, and the freshly grilled selections of food outside with the awesome view of Mátra. Dance and have fun as the evening unfolds.

Party details:

This intimate gathering is more than a tasting—it’s a great summer journey, a chance to connect with fellow aficionados in a serene setting. Whether you’re savoring the moment, dancing, or simply relishing in good company, the time before your journey back to Budapest promises to be memorable.

Event fee is 9000 Ft before June 22nd (please pay 2000 Ft as a booking fee) per person, which includes the wines, snacks, and the party ticket. On the day at the venue, the fee is 10,000 Ft.

Direct trains from Budapest and back run every hour. The train station is a 5-minute walk from our venue.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the depths of wine culture in a serene setting. Reserve your spot for an unforgettable evening at 5 Dudas Winery by filling out this registration form.


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